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How To Make Increase Website Traffic

You have created your own website. However, when searching your website on search engine, you suddenly realize that your website is not on Google or Bing. Why? That's because you have not registered a website for Google or Bing. You can read THIS ARTICLE or do just submit URL like below

How to Submit Your Site to Google, Bing

What is SEO and Why Do You Need It

SEO is a set of techniques optimizing your website, helping search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other websites. Therefore, SEO can help your website get more traffic from the search engines.

According to statistics, over 85% of Internet users use search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Every day, millions of people use search engines to find information, products and services. But, how can customers find your website without competitor's website? Because most customers come to a website through search engines, so if your site has a low ranking, it means you have lost a large number of leads to your competitors. No one patient enough to see more than 3 results pages (each page shows 10 results) after performing a search on the Search Engine. If your business website is not in the top 30, your customers will not know your website exists. In fact, up to 70% of web users only view the first page of search results. Therefore, if your site is in the top 10 of the search results, the chances of being visited by visitors are very high.

SEO On-Page Guide

  • What is SEO On-Page:

    Onpage SEO is a technique in SEO, this is a set of tasks that you have to do to increase the friendliness of your website to enhance the user experience.

    If the user experience improves, then Google will rank your site higher than your competitors do not do as well as you, and of course, your website ranking on the search results will be increased accordingly.

  • How Many Factors When Doing SEO On-Page

    To optimize On-Page for a website, you need to pay attention the following elements:

    • ✓ DOMAIN
    • ✓ IMAGE
  • Domain - How to choose the best domain name for SEO

    I divided domain into three main categories below so you easily find out:

    EMD - Exact Match Domain Name: The domain name is the primary keyword that needs SEO. For example, your main keyword is the "Cosmetic Surgery" service, the EMD domain will be, ...

    PMD - Partial Domain Name: PMD is the domain name related to SEO keywords. In another word, assuming your primary keyword is "buy gold", you can select PMD such as, ...

    BND - Brand Name Domain: Finally, this can be the hardest when SEO. However, Google increasingly ranked high for this type of domain.

    A good, effective domain name will contain the following elements

    • • Branding (sometimes unnecessary, whatever your purpose)
    • • Contains keywords.
    • • Short, easy to remember.

    Site Structure - You can understand it as a skeleton of a house, a living room, a bedroom, a house. A website is similar to that, you will have the home page and child pages.

    And getting started building a website structure or reviewing the structure of an existing website is extremely important in the early stages of SEO.

  • What is Site Structure

    Site Structure - You can understand it as a skeleton of a house, a living room, a bedroom, a house. A website is similar to that, you will have the home page and child pages.

    And getting started building a website structure or reviewing the structure of an existing website is extremely important in the early stages of SEO.

    A standard structure of a website will look like this

  • How to Choose Keyword for SEO

    I will first introduce this simple keyword choice formula:

    Home Page

    K + A + L

    For example, with this formula, I would choose the keyword "Fashion Bags New York" to SEO for this page.

    Catalog Page

    K + A + T + L

    For example: Choose a keyword for the category Women's Handbags, you will select: "Women's fashion handbags in Houston"

    Product Page

    K + B / T + A + T + L

    This is where you SEO long tail keywords, for example, you choose keywords to SEO for suede handbag page is: "Luxury suede handbags in Houston"

  • Optimize Title, Meta Tag, Heading H1-H6

    Optimize Title Tag

    A good, optimized, effective title tag for SEO will ensure the following criteria:

    • • Title length of 65-70 characters including spaces.
    • • The title is unique for each page.
    • • Short title, tell the main content to describe. Starting a title with a keyword is a very good option
    • • Obviously, raising the main content you want to mention.

    Optimize Meta Description Tag

    Similar to Title, the description tag always goes with the title, and it will also be optimized to ensure the following:

    • • The tag length is between 140 and 155 characters.
    • • Brief, concise, attractive, contain keywords and highlight the issues users need.

    Optimize Heading Tag H1-H6

    • • Important keywords should be included in tags H1, H2.
    • • Each page should only use one H1 tag
  • Optimize Content For The Page

    • • Always keep in mind, write content for users, not write for search engines. There are a lot of people who apply the technique of hiding content, cloaking, displaying separate content for bugs and for users. This is not recommended.
    • • Keywords should appear in Heading H1, H2 tags. And appears in the first 100 characters of the article.
    • • Keyword density is the percentage of the words or keyword phrases compared to the total number of words displayed on your article. Keyword density of a page should be 1-5%. Absolutely not cramming, inserting tons of keywords into your site, you will be tagged as spam right away.
  • Optimize Images on Your Site

    • • The search engine reads only text and is unable to read the image content. Google strongly encourage and favor the article content image, infographic ... SE will read your image content through text content you fill in the ALT tag and image file name.
    • • Enter the keyword in the ALT tag.
    • • Image file name should be saved as keyword and words separated by a hyphen "-".
  • Use A Friendly URL Path

    • • URL of the path should be easy to understand, containing keywords.
    • • Use a dash "-" instead of spaces.
    • • If you're using WordPress, just go to Setting -> Permalinks and tick the "Post Name" path.
  • robots.txt, sitemap.xml


    The image above illustrates the behavior of search spiders when passing through a robots.txt file system.

    Robots.txt is a simple text file with a .txt extension, placed in the root of the website. If you say SEO Onpage is to optimize for the surface and structure of your home, Robots.txt file's like a gatekeeper, allowing where search bugs should go.

    This file contains commands that tell spider bot which pages should be indexed and which pages should not.

    • Creating A Simple Robots.txt File To Optimize Onpage For Wordpress Site

    The robots.txt file is very simple, you can use Notepad to create it. The robots file format of WordPress looks like this:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-
    Disallow: /feed/
    Disallow: /trackback/
    • • User-agent: * means that all search robots from SEs (Google, Yahoo and Bing) should use this guide to search your site.
    • • Disallow: / wp-: This line of code tells the search engine that it should not index the WordPress files that begin with wp-.


    Sitemaps are diagrams of the Website (including images, content, data, etc.) that make easy for users and Google Bot to search the information they need

    The mission of Sitemaps is to make the search engine crawl your website effectively and update the changes on your website.

    • Create XML sitemap for WordPress

    Yoast SEO plugin is a popular plugin for improving your website's SEO or WordPress blog. This plugin takes care of all technical elements related to content and helps you create keyword policies, H1 and H2 tags, readability, and more. It also helps you generate XML sitemaps.

    About how to install the plugin, I have instructed so not say again. After you install Yoast SEO, go to SEO -> Feature and activate "Advance settings pages"

    This feature will activate the site map XML for WordPress and a site map "XML Sitemaps" item will appear below the SEO menu. Here you can manage some settings like max entries per sitemap, exclude pages/posts from sitemaps and more.

  • Internal Link is considered a backlink pointing to another page on the same website.

    The internal linking of the website, if optimized, will help to reduce the bounce rate, keep users on your site longer, and contribute website ranking.

    Several methods of building an effective Internal Link

    • Build rich content for your site.

    In order to build many internal links naturally, you must first invest in building more content for the site. The content must be relevant to your main topic.

    For example, if you want SEO for a website that sells guitars, you need to write a blog of Tips, Tricks such as: Guide to learn guitar at home for newbies, How to buy a durable guitar,...

    • Diversify Anchor Text

    Anchor Text is the text that contains a link. And to make the internal link natural, you definitely have to diversify your anchor text.

    Anchor text is not always the keyword that needs SEO. But it has to be related

    • Website Speed

    I realized the importance of optimizing the page load speed to minimize the bounce rate and help to create a sense of comfort initially for visitors to the website

    Page load speed should be less than 4 seconds is considered the best.
    Free page load testing tools:

    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •
    • •

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SEO Off-Page Guide

  • What is SEO Off Page

    SEO Offpage is the process you promoting your website by building quality links from other websites point to your website. If your site is well known, has high traffic, more links pointing to. Google will understand that your site is truly quality, providing valuable information to users and the rankings will increase on SERPs.

  • A backlink is a link (URL link) that another website points to your website. It is the bridge between your website and another website. For example, if a site B has a link to website A, then when the Google search bugs find site B, it will follow that link to site A.

    Types of Backlinks

    • • Naked Link: This means that the URL is displayed directly on the page. For example,
    • • Anchor Text: You may be familiar with this kind when surfing websites. Notice in the articles on the website, some of the phrases are linked to another page, the phrase that you see is called Anchor Text. For example, Howtoweb Blog is an Anchor Text 

    Anchor Text has 3 main types, assume you need SEO for keyword "SEO Offpage", the Anchor Text will include

    • • "SEO Offpage": This is the first type of Backlink Anchor Text, the link to the URL will be inserted into the text "SEO Offpage", this is EXACT MATCH ANCHOR TEXT (EMAT), it has a very strong impact on the rankings, however... if you abuse this kind of link, you will surely be tagged as spam by Google. .
    • • "Top 1 Google", "link building", "offpage optimization": This is the second type of Anchor Text, the URL will not be inserted into the text is the keyword that you want SEO, but will insert the words related. Here, your main keyword is "seo offpage" so the words like "top 1 google", "link building", "offpage optimization" are the words that are related to the main keyword. This kind of link is weaker than EMAT Backlink but it is stronger than the last anchor text
    • • "Click here", "read more", "check here": This is also an Anchor Text, but it's not specific to a niche keyword or anything but as an inviting click and it's called GENERIC ANCHOR TEXT (Generic Backlink). The use of Generic Backlink is to help you diversify your backlink so that your site has more natural links.

    Distinguished Backlink DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW

    • What is Backlink Nofollow

    Nofollow Backlink is an HTML attribute that uses the #rel Meta tag provided by Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team and's Jason Shellen, on January 18, 2005.

    For example

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Search Engine</a>

    I call this is Backlink Nofollow because they tagged rel="nofollow" to that link, the search bugs will ignore and not visit the page.

    • What is Backlink Dofollow

    From the Nofollow concept, you can understand what a Backlink Dofollow is. This is an attribute that allows the search engine to crawl the content of the page. This is great for increasing prestige, quality for your website, and also with Google ranking.

  • A Few Note When Doing Seo Offpage

    PageRank (PR)

    If you wander the SEO discussion forum you will see people sharing high PR sites to do backlink, you will see some headline like "Share list web 2.0, forum has PR index of 4, 5 or more ". So what is PR that people are so interested in?

    • • PageRank is a link analysis algorithm. The PageRank index will display an integer between 0 and 10.
    • • From 2013, Google has issued a notice to stop updating this PR index due to the excessive spam of SEOers.
    • • PageRank is determined by the links to a website and the outbound links to the website.
    • • PageRank has an effect on SER results, however, PR is just one of the 200+ factors that affect the SERP.

    Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

    If PageRank is one of the more than 200 factors that Google ranks for a website, the DA is an indicator provided by SEOMoz ( to determine the trust and strength of the site.

    Unlike the DA, Page Page only accounts for a specific page (webpage), and the Domain (DA) for the entire site

    • Factors To Determine DA And PA:

    Domain Age
    The age of the domain is the time from the day you create the domain until the present time. The higher the domain's age, the higher Search Engine rating, trust, and positive impact on the DA.

    Domain Popularity
    The number and quality of backlink point to a website. And of course, if your backlinks are large and coming from many reputable domains, it will be better than the backlinks that many of them come from just only a domain.

    Domain Size
    Easy to understand, if your website is larger, that means more pages are indexed, and also the DA will be improved

  • I will list here a list of criteria for you to consider when doing backlink:

    • • High Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)
    • • Number of backlinks
    • • IP of the page.
    • • Content and topic of the page.
    • • Website type of source page (news, forum, directory ...)
    • • Anchor text of the link.
    • • Dofollow or Nofollow?
    • • How does the page work?
    • • Does the content updates frequently and does it copy?
  • In this section, I will list all the ways that I know, have applied and learned, to be able to build backlinks from there.

    • • Use source article code

    - Requirements: Content writing skills.

    - How to do: Website has the quality content, insert the code auto insert source article link.

    • • In-depth study.

    - Requirements: Content writing skills, specialized knowledge (can outsource depending on ability)

    - How to do: post in-depth articles on the website, statistics, report the actual data in the industry.

    • • Controversial topic

    - Requirements: Creative.

    It's like "Scandal in showbiz", the more controversial topics, the more traffic, natural link from Share, comment and visitors to your site.

    • • Contributor (Guest Post)

    - Requirements: Good writing skills, strong knowledge in the field.

    - How to do: You can build relationships and get permission to write articles on them and link to your website. Linking from the same niche and placing Dofollow links to your site as well as promoting your brand name is perfect.

    • • Website directory.

    You just go to google and type the keyword "website directory". It has a bunch of websites for you to register your site, just fill in some basic information. This is a good backlink, not be tagged as spam.

    • • Create a Game on Website.

    - This one I didn't know before but it will increase "Time On Site". So if you can create a small game into your website so that the visitor will enjoy them, increase interactivity and make your website viral.

    • • Viral content - Interview.

    - This form I have not tried, but after learning it, I found it very interesting and certainly will apply in the future.

    - For example: Your website is in the field of PHP programming. In this field, there are certainly has "professor" people that are famous and they also have their own website with a strong fan. You just write an article to interview them, just with simple topics like "Future, Career Opportunity of Programmer ...". 99.99% of them will share your article on the social network via their personal account and posted on the individual website.

    • • Documents, digital files PDF-PPT, eBooks Ebook useful.

    - You can create useful information sharing products in PDF file format, Ebooks, and post on free sharing sites such as Slideshare

    - In the document, you can insert the link on the page that you want SEO, but you should do everything naturally.

    • • Theme, Plugins, Layout, Utility-App.

    - Just like creating a game on your website, you can create your own or outsource. Determined by the needs, meets of visitors.

    • • Create Infographics.

    - This is the type of content Google is extremely fond of and appreciate.

    - DIY or outsource. You can do it by Powerpoint, or PTS as well. If you have limited time and budget, just outsource.

    • • Post comment in Blog.

    - This form is very good, but because of spam so many bloggers have locked comment feature or if any it will be a nofollow link. However, it is still good and you still apply.

    - To apply this form, you need comment in related niche blog and do not cram the keyword into the comment link.

    • • Use Yahoo Answers, Forum Seeding.

    - Comment or answer cleverly, meet the need of the user. Mainly to build branding and increase traffic to your site.

    • • Social Bookmarking.

    - Social Bookmarking is to share, store, bookmark your website on social networking sites. The purpose is to increase traffic to your site, push keyword rankings for your website and enhance your brand.

    - There are many social bookmarking sites that allow you to share, store, bookmark your website. However, abusing and not used correctly can lead to spam and is expunged quickly. So you need to follow these rules:

    1. Use title, description, to attract readers. You have good content but no attractive invitations when posting on social sites then no one is interested in your article at all.
    2. No Spam: You should not spam on social networks. If you post the same content on various social sites will lead to bad effects

    - Just search "best social bookmarking sites", you will have a list of dozens of quality bookmarking sites. I used to use only: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Google Plus +; Youtube / Vimeo; Linkedin; Tumblr; Reddit; StumbleUpon;

    • • Create a Profile link.

    - Forum pages now allow you to create accounts and enter personal information. On the profile page, there is a website section, you can enter your website URL to get backlink Profile.

    • • Writing PR articles for newspapers, advertisements.

    This form needs a large budget. You may want to consider investing in your SEO campaign.

    • • Link exchange.

    You and another website do link exchanges, which is very good if the same niche and high trust. However, you need to check that after some time, the co-worker exchanged with you may use the Nofollow link to your website

    • • Free website, blog 2.0

    - Link building from web 2.0 with high PR index is very popular now. With many platforms that allow you to create a free website such as,, etc. your job is to build quality content and insert clever links to the page. 

  • Link Pyramid Model

    This linking model is used by many users and it is very effective with increasing keyword rankings.However, this model requires a great deal of work and is often applied to large projects.

    The principle is based on avoiding Google bad reviews of backlinks and avoid direct impact on your main site.

    Pyramid model usually has 3 levels:

    • • Tier 1: Money site - is the main site you need SEO to top.
    • • Tier 2: Satellite sites - Blog, website 2.0 with high PR (5+), personal blogs built with good DA. At these sites, you will build it similar to the main website, write content and point links to the main site. With the density and level of regularity, do not cram, do not go too many links in a short time. And here are the quality backlinks because it comes from reputable addresses, standard metrics.
    • • Tier 3: You do SEO for sites on Tier 2, increasing the strength and quality of backlinks on the Tier 1 to help Google appreciate that link and have positive effects for the main site.You can create links through blogs, free Web 2.0 (PR index from 3+), Article Submission pages, Social Bookmarking, Blog comment, ...

    The use of this pyramid model is to help the number of backlinks not simultaneously pointing to the main site, which can cause Google attention and bad reviews for the main site.

    Link Wheel Model

    For this model, each satellite website will link directly to the main website and link to a satellite website.

    Note: Link Wheel satellite sites may point to a Money Site or not.

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