Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins 2018

Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins 2018

As you know, there are thousands of free plugins on the WordPress plugin library. However, if you are new, this article will briefly introduce the most basic plugins that you should use for your WordPress page.

A. Install WordPress Plugin

In the tutorial to set up a website, I also have guided how to install WordPress Plugin so I will not say again. Once you’re done installing, go to the next step

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B. Top Necessary Plugins for WordPress

1. Akismet

When making a website, you will face spam. Many people use automated tools to spam comments and subscribe to your site. And Akismet is a most popular free anti-spam plugin now.

How to use:

To use this plugin you have to activate the account, click Activate your Akismet account

You click Get your API key to get the activation key.

Click the Get an Akismet API Key button

It will redirect to If you don’t have an account in WordPress, just create an account to use

You choose BASIC (Free) or choose higher packages if needed

You drag the price bar to the lowest level, then click Create Subscription.

Once you have entered the Akismet account page, look for the AKISMET API KEY, copy the code and return to the WordPress page, and paste to Manually enter an API key

Every time someone posts comments, Akismet Plugin will connect to the server to check the comments, if found spam, the plugin will  switch to spam section.

2. Advanced TinyMCE


6. Ithemes Security

A website can not lack security functionality. Ithemes Security is a plugin that has many basic security features to enhance your website security.

7. WP Optimize

The next plugin I want to mention is WP Optimize. This is one of the best cleanup and database optimization plugins up to now. WP Optimizer will delete all spam comments, drafts automatically saved, old versions of posts, … to help your database become clean, neat and load faster.

8. WP Smush

An image compression plugin built on top of Yahoo’s Smush. WP Smush is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize images without decrease quality.

9. WP SMTP  and ReplyMe

This can be considered the legendary duo used on many blogs/WordPress site today. WP SMTP helps you send emails through the SMTP system of Gmail, Yahoo !, Hotmail. Meanwhile, ReplyMe will automatically send email notices to visitors when their comments are answered by someone.

10 . Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is one of the key criteria in SEO in 2017, so you should equip the AMP feature for your site with this plugin. It automatically generates AMP pages for each post.

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