How To Choose Hosting For Your Website

How To Choose Hosting For Your Website

Hosting can be said to be the heart of a website. It needs to be stable then your website is able to run smoothly. However, choosing a hosting is a hard job and not everyone knows. Therefore, buy a good hosting is a very necessary step when building your website. First, we will look at the most popular types of hosting on the market:

Types Of Hosting

1-Dedicated Server

This is the most powerful type of hosting, you will rent a whole physical server. However, you have to set everything up from the OS, applications, websites …

Of course, the Dedicated Server is the most expensive hosting. But in return, you will have full control of the server hardware.

2-Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is actually part of the physical server resources by using virtualization hardware. The service provider will install virtual machines on the physical server and you will use this virtual machines for storage, install applications, websites…

Based on the level of hardware virtualization, there are 2 types of VPS:

  • VPS uses OpenVZ virtualization technology: this is the “software virtualization” technology, VPS packages on the physical server will use the same Linux kernel, but in their own state. It also shares the memory so the performance will be affected. Because OpenVZ technology is relatively inexpensive, prices are often cheaper than KVM VPS virtualization. And OpenVZ technology is only available for the Linux kernel operating system.
  • VPS uses KVM virtualization technology: this is a new virtualization technology that allows virtualization from hardware … KVM VPS packages running on the same physical server but using separate resources. It can run both Linux and Windows. KVM technology requires high-end physical servers so the price will be much higher than OpenVZ.

3- Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is actually a small part of a VPS or Dedicated Server, which will install operating systems (Linux or Windows) and pre-installed applications on it (Web Server, MySQL, PHP …) for you to upload and run websites.

Shared hosting is usually divided into two types based on the operating system installed on the server:

  • Linux Hosting: This type of shared hosting is based on the Linux kernel. Because the Linux kernel operating system is fast, light, well-protected and completely free, so most Shared Hosting services are Linux Hosting. Linux-based operating systems rely on the command line interface (CLI-Command Line Interface), so Shared Hosting services usually come with pre-installed cPanel applications in order for you can easily install and manage on the graphical interface.
  • Windows Hosting: As its name, it is a shared hosting with Windows Server operating system. Because Windows operating system is heavy and resources consuming, Windows Hosting is only commonly used to run applications running on Windows that can not be installed on Linux. For example, applications using .NET programming language, MSSQL database, Microsoft Access …

4-Some Other Types Of Hosting

In addition to categorizing by server resources, OS, there are also other types of hosting:

  • Managed VPS: It is also a common VPS, but the management, installation, and support will be handled by the support team of the VPS provider. This kind of service is much more expensive than Unmanaged VPS. And it is suitable for people who need VPS but don’t have the time or knowledge of installing, managing and using VPS.
  • Unmanaged VPS: This is a regular VPS and you only get support for subscriptions, payments, or when the server crashes. Installation problems, customization, and management of your VPS are by yourself. This type of VPS is only slightly more expensive than shared hosting, but it’s a lot more powerful than shared hosting … it’s great for people with knowledge of VPS.
  • Reseller Hosting: This is a type of Shared Hosting with large resources. The purpose is for you to split into smaller shared hosting packages to resell to customers. A Reseller Hosting can usually be divided into 10 small shared hosting packages
  • WordPress Hosting: Because WordPress is the most popular platform for websites, so Shared Hosting packages are installed, optimized for WordPress becoming the new business strategy of the supplier. This is essentially Linux Hosting that pre-install WordPress
  • SEO Hosting: is also Shared Hosting but is optimized for satellite site system. To run multiple websites and each website will have its own IP for SEO service.

5-Cloud Server

This is the most modern type of hosting. Cloud Server (it can be VPS | Shared Hosting) is a server that uses cloud computing technology. It has remarkable advances in the management and distribution of resources.

Most hosting providers around the world have applied all or part of their servers Cloud Computing technology.

How To Choose A Hosting

When choosing to buy Hosting, you need to consider these factors:

1-How many web server resources do you need?

To determine server resources that your websites need, you can answer the following questions:

  • What platform do you use (WordPress, Drupal, or Web Application)? to consider the CPU, RAM of hosting.
  • The number of visitors to your website at the real time to select the amount of RAM.
  • Will you store a lot of data or not? to select the appropriate storage.
  • Does your data (download/upload) of your website high? to select the bandwidth level.
  • How many websites do you want to run?

2-Where are your visitors come from?

Every website has main visitors. You must specify to choose the location servers (Datacenters) near to the visitors. For example, if visitors are in the US, you will choose hosting locations near US (Canada, Mexico, etc).

3-Do you have basic knowledge about using Hosting?

Most hosting services will only support you with general issues.So you have to learn how to use the server (command line, install program, etc) for yourself or hire someone to help.

If you don’t have the time or expertise, consider Shared Hosting because it is easy to use

4-Is the data on your website sensitive?

It is not safe to put data on the hosting. All websites can be hacked! So if your website contains important information, you should use VPS or Dedicated Server to protect your data. VPS or Dedicated Server don’t share storage to the other websites like Shared Hosting, so it will be safer

5-How much is your budget for Hosting?

Cost is the key to buying Hosting. If you look carefully, there are providers that are much cheaper than others, and sometimes you can sacrifice some elements (slower support, fewer resources, less famous brand …) to choose an affordable hosting. Some hosting providers like KnownHost, LiquidWeb or TurnkeyInternet are not very well known, but they are very cheap, affordable for many people.

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