How To Choose A Domain Name For SEO

How To Choose A Domain Name For SEO

What is a domain and How to choose a good domain name?

A domain is an online address that leads to your website/blog. For example, is a domain. You type this words into the browser and it will lead to a web page.

Each domain has extensions like .com, .net:

  • .COM is popular, professional, so you should choose this kind for your blog/website. However, .COM is one of the oldest extension on the Internet so beautiful domain names are now quite rare
  • .NET + .ORG is also a good choice if .COM domain has been purchased by someone else.
  • .IO is an extension that is being favored by tech start-ups, but it’s expensive. (50$+)
  • If you are doing a website related to education, you may consider choosing domain .EDU because it looks more trustworthy. Edu is symbolic of education.
  • There are also many other domains such as .BLOG, .SHOP, .CLUB, .STORE, .CC … but it is not very popular, looks very strange, …

Is Domain name an SEO criteria?

Many of you search for keywords on Google, always see domain .com appear in the first place and guess that .COM domain is the easiest for SEO, this is not accurate.

Google relies on “domain strength” to rank the keyword, which is indicated by the “website development process”. At the beginning, every domain is rated equally.

Domain .COM usually appear on the TOP because it is used widely, so you will see it much, that’s it.

However, you should NOT choose free, cheap domains like .TK, .INFO, .BIZ, etc. for a few reasons:

  • Most content from cheap domains is garbage (Users who register to test or develop junk content) => Large amounts of content from these domains are blocked by Google
  • Look not professional, not suitable for long-term development.

Common domain types

Should you use the keyword domain?

You already know about 4 types of domain, so what should you choose? I will give some advice for each type

Keywords in the domain have no meaning in SEO

As I mentioned, 4-5 years ago, SEO experts think that keyword domain is very beneficial for SEO. From 2015+, this is no longer true, the keyword domain has no effect on SEO.

So placing keywords in domain with EMD type to support SEO seems to be useless.

Google’s goal is to focus on quality content accuracy, and hundreds of other algorithms also aim to see if the content of a website is good or not.

Keywords in the domain have many weaknesses

Take an example of a website called, with “buy iPhone” in the domain. This domain supposes to sell iPhone, smartphone, etc.

But in the future, if the website owner develops the job, want to add some products such as PC, the use of this domain is no longer reasonable. Because domain name only includes a field that is to sell smartphone.

Thus, the potential for brand development of EMD type is very low.

Think big, always choose a branding domain

This probably you also recognize, when you look to buy something usually go to sites that have more specific brands than the other websites.

Small start-up or large at the moment always choose short, easy-to-remember domain names for their products and services.

Your choice?

  • If you start up a company, sell physical products or digital products on a scale of 2-3 people or more: Brand Domain Name, think of a unique name, short, easy to remember, easy to read, easy to pronounce.
  • If you follow personal, sell products created by yourself: Use the Personal Domain Name or Partial Match Domain.
  • Build a personal brand, make money with a blog: always prefers the Personal Domain Name, or use Partial Match Domain as well.

Do not confuse with another brand.

Name your brand carefully, research the name you choose on the net to avoid confusion as well as the problem of trademark, copyright can happen if you grow widely.


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